He is More Than a Hero – Sappho

He is more than a hero
he is a god in my eyes—
the man who is allowed
to sit beside you — he

who listens intimately
to the sweet murmur of
your voice, the enticing

laughter that makes my own
heart beat fast. If I meet
you suddenly, I can’t

speak — my tongue is broken;
a thin flame runs under
my skin; seeing nothing,

hearing only my own ears
drumming, I drip with sweat;
trembling shakes my body

and I turn paler than
dry grass. At such times
death isn’t far from me.


This poem can be found in the volume, The Complete Poems of Sappho.

Think about what the poem made you feel. Did you find it fascinating when revealed that “he” isn’t truly the subject of the author’s passion. Did you remember the last time the nervous butterflies of love took over your entire body?

May you live out another beautiful poem in the collection of your life today, and we’ll see you tomorrow.


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