69: Voyage by Carmen Tafolla

I was the fourth ship.

Behind Niña, Pinta, Santa María,

Lost at sea while watching a seagull,

Following the wind and sunset skies,

While the others set their charts.


I was the fourth ship.

Breathing in salt and flying with clouds,

Sailing moonbreezes and starvision nights,

Rolling into the wave and savoring its lull,

While the others pointed their prows.


I was the fourth ship.

Playfully in love with the sea,

Eternally entwined with the sky,

Forever vowed to my voyage,

While the others shouted “Land.”


This poem can be found in the volume, Curandera.

Think about how the poem made you feel. Do you ever see yourself as the unnoticed or forgotten one? Just outside the spotlight others find themselves or place themselves in?

May you live out another beautiful poem in the collection of your life today, and we’ll see you again tomorrow.

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